Overheating is your A/C compressor’s nightmare. Since this part of your unit does the hard job of pumping the refrigerant through the system, the chances of overheating is quite high. There are many reasons why compressors overheat. And you should take time to know every single one of them if you do not want to

Allergens can be everywhere – especially in your home. Indoor allergens such as mold, mildew, and dust are not only caused by the changing season but also because of the substances present in your home.  While natural treatments and medication are effective ways to combat the symptoms and effects of these indoor allergens, the best

Indeed, some things are better when bigger, but not with your air conditioner. Depending on the cooling demands of your home, you can purchase and install a large A/C unit if advised by your HVAC contractor. Getting the right size cooling system is necessary to meet your home’s cooling needs. Unfortunately, some homeowners are caught

Did your air conditioner just break down? Do not ever think about fixing it yourself! While DIY repair is a practical way to save dollars on unnecessary costs, it can result in expensive complications later on. Below are smart points to skip your DIY A/C fix plans and call Webb Air Conditioning for professional help.

We bet that you have not fully understood how your cooling system works. Without professional guidance, you can go wrong in using your air conditioning unit. And, many homeowners in Fort Worth, TX commit mistakes with their units that undercut its efficiency and performance. Check out some of the common A/C mistakes that most homeowners